Julia’s winter Top 5 2018 destinations?

Julia’s winter Top 5 2018 destinations?
winter Top 5 2018 destinations

Julia’s winter Top 5 2018 destinations?

Here at Spirit Journeys Worldwide, we’re lucky enough to have a founder whose not only passionate about the world around her, incredibly well travelled with over a decade’s worth of experience to show for it. With Julia’s much-valued input, we’ll be taking you through her winter top 5 2018 destinations!

 1. Kerala, India.

 Julia says, “The best time to visit is between November and March. It’s full of culture, great people, scents, colours, hospitality, food and weather. The beaches in the south of India in particular have these laidback houseboats. India as a whole is one of my favourite destinations.

Kerala, India

   2. Costa Rica.

Costa Rica. Julia says, “I haven’t actually been here, but it has to be next on places you have to visit. Not only because of the temperature, beaches and culture, but the wildlife. It’s the world’s happiest country too!”

Costa Rica

 3. Cambodia.

 Julia says, “It’s an authentic adventure. The people, the food and the history!”

 4. Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Julia says, “I would love to visit here. The name conjures up imagery of beaches, spice markets (Zanzibar is known as the Spice Island), Stone Town with its bazaars.”


 5. Lapland, Finland.

 Julia says, “Last but not least! Who doesn’t want to see the real Santa Claus and all the reindeer? You can stay in a cabin under the stars, dog sledding with huskies, zoom across the frozen lakes on a snowmobile with reindeer sledding, see the elves and tell Santa what you’d like for Christmas. It’s all about festive cheer and a magical winter break for all ages!”

Lapland, Finland

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