Scotland is special

Scotland is special

Scotland is special. It means something different to everybody; for myself, it’s home – it’s family, it’s my ancestry and it’s my whole world – my heart belongs here. However, you do not need to have been born here, to experience everything this incredible country has to offer; yes, it’s small, geographically but it certainly makes up for it in character. Of course, I’m biased but most people don’t take much convincing and that’s due to the fact that there’s something here for everyone. If you wish to soak up the history, there’s no better place to do so – Skara Brae, in Orkney is even older than the Pyramids of Giza or even Stonehenge. There are many such examples all over the country. Then there’s numerous examples of medieval architecture in the form of stunning castles, like Eilean Donan. Scotland is the ideal destination for any history buff. What about scenery? Well, you’re in for a treat when you come here. The scenery here, is quite simply, breath taking. From the mountains and lochs to the sea, you will not be disappointed. Check out some of the images – these are just some of what you can expect to see here. 

Scotland, Islle of Skye, Waterfall Scotland Rock beach

History and scenery are great…but there’s a whole lot more on offer here. One thing that many people probably are unaware of is that Scotland is pretty much a paradise for adventure sports enthusiasts and considered the outdoor capital of Europe – possibly even the world according to some! You can try surfing, skiing, snowboarding, horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking – and so much more. Or what if you prefer to be less active and just want to enjoy all the culinary delights? Well you’re sorted for that, too! Scotland has fantastic cuisine on offer – culinary tours are extremely popular. And who could forget the whisky? Whisky tours are also very much in demand – – not surprising as they’re a fantastic way both to see the country and experience all the hundreds of different distilleries along the way.  Scotland is also a fantastic choice for city breaks – with cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, and Stirling on offer, each with their own distinct feel. If you’re considering coming to Scotland, do yourself a favour and commit to doing so – you will not regret it. In fact, here’s what some previous visitors have to say about this wee country…

Scotland Hillwalker Scotland Rock

The fairytale world that we found when we were there, we came because of
family who left to find the land of trees… to see castles, Culloden, wanted to because of books I’ve read and men in Kilts(be still
My beating heart)… I would go back in a minute.. first impression was,”why would anyone leave this incredible place” then the weather showed up, and I thought, “ok then, this may have had something to do with it!” Lol
I absolutely loved Scotland and the people the land…” – Pamela, British Columbia, Canada.

“I have been twice and I LOVE your country, people, music, and food! My favorite is haggis. I originally came to Scotland because I was visiting friends in Wales. I fell in love with Scotland almost immediately after arriving and have never regretted it. This past Aug. I was lucky enough to return and went to the Tattoo and now I can’t wait to go again. I also can’t get enough of the castles and history. I want to live in Scotland!” – Tracie, England.

“We went on a month long tour of Scotland in our motor home on a rally two and a half years ago. I ran out of adjectives to describe the beauty that presented itself around every corner. The majestic mountains, the wild and rugged coast lines, the overall ancient feel of the country, it stole my heart. We went back for a short ten day trip in September 2016 looking at some new campsites for another month long rally that we completed this September. So that’s three times we have visited. Is that enough? Oh no! We are going to spend our Golden Wedding Celebrations touring as many of the islands as we can next year. No time limit, all hotels, and B&B’s this time and we can’t wait. It is absolutely beautiful and we simply can’t get enough of it.” – Sue. Cheshire, England.

“From the DC (USA) area here, I have been twice, once to Skye/Edinburgh (2016), and once to Glasgow/Outer Hebrides (2017) and have booked a 3rd trip for the inner Hebrides and SW in July 2018. Reasons? There is so much gorgeous history, culture and country side + wildlife to see, plus fantastic cuisine, lovely people and delightful hospitality!” – Kimberley, DC area, USA.

These are just some comments I have received from previous visitors who have succumbed to Scotland’s charm. Some speak about Stockholm Syndrome but it has nothing on Scotland Syndrome. 😊

Elain Donian Castle, Scotland Scotland, Ruins

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Born and raised in Scotland, I have always loved my country and its colourful history. A childhood fascination for castles and ancient Celtic tales led to my studying history at university, and ultimately specialising in Celtic Civilisation. Since my time in university, I have gone on to further my research in archaeology, anthropology, mythology, psychology and linguistics. It gives me great pleasure to share my interests with anyone who will listen and it brings me even greater pleasure, knowing that so many people are interested in visiting this beautiful country of mine. Please, if you would like for me to help tailor-make your very own bespoke trip to Scotland (or wherever else your heart desires) please do get in touch at where we can start making your dreams come true.


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